AEH – Aim Educare Homeschooling, Penang

AEH – Aim Educare Homeschooling, Penang

Its our great pleasure to visit one of the  private home-school in Penang, where they emphasize the holistic development of the child. Every child matters and is given ample of opportunity to discovery his or her full potential.  As their motto is ” Nurturing your child’s potential is our mission”.

They tutors are also very active in instilling traditional music among their students. Therefore, they recently purchase a Gambang Melodi to compliments their Angklung sets and also a lovely addition to theirs wide range of musical instruments.

Special thanks to Mr. Lee Chai Huat, Pak Abar Barmana and the vibrant tutors. Good luck in your Angklung Competition in Genting Highland this year.

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